Dominik Brunner frics

Dominik Brunner does combine real estate and IT / digitalization expertise. He did and does lead a multitude of such projects nationally and internationally. Before founding ARELIO GmbH, he was tasked with initiation, leadership and restructuring of professional services organizations at different providers - such as Argus and Yardi. He is a certified Real Estate Investment Advisor, Fellow at the RICS and leader in the Data Management Intitiative for the German society of property researchers.

Tamara Gasser

Tamara Gasser is responsible for our back office and project management office. As the good-hearted soul, she ensures smooth processes in the administration as well as in the projects. In addition to the projects, her organisational talent is also a great help for the events of the RICS RG Greater Munich. She did graduate with a B.A. in Economics and is currently studying her master's programme at Munich University of Applied Sciences.