Pro Bono & Academics

Lecturer for the Seminar "Real Estate Cash Flow Modelling".

Initialization and chair in the project group "Data rooms and document management",

Co-Chair in the competence group "Real Estate IT" (where the various digitalization project groups are consolidated).

Co-founder of the Real Estate Academy REA GmbH,

Lecturer in the course "Cashflow Modelling".

RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) Assesor and Leader of the RICS-Chapter "Greater Munich".

ARELIO is also "regulated by RICS“ and fulfills the necessary criteria.

In addition, ARELIO participates in the RICS Tech Partner Programme.


Guest Lecturer in the "Real Estate Economics":

"IT and the Real Estate Value Chain",
"Property Management and IT",
"Real Estate Cash Flow Modelling",
"Real Estate Portfoliomanagement and IT".

Member of the digitalization committee of the German Property Federation.


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