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A global asset manager and developer needs a structured and efficient approach to reporting, planning and tenant management for their German subsidiary. The solution(s) should be straightforward and fit for local use, but tie in seamlessly into the corporate structure. The ARELIO team was mandated to lead the system selection process for suitable CRMAsset Management and Document Management / Data Room solutions.



Providing the necessary project control and project management services to one of the leading German providers of closed-ended and open-ended funds is another - currently active - task.


The scope is, to renew the planning and reporting systems for their asset and funds management operations using an off-the-shelf IT solution.

How to collect and integrate a multitude of external data streaming in? A German AM does manage more than 100 properties spread over a multitude of countries and different PMs. We did provide an analysis of possible solutions (processes and IT) to their rent roll collection challenge.


A global REIT did plan to insource the property management for their German operations. Naturally, the timing was out most challenging, and the organization structures had to adopt during this transition as well.


We did provide project management for the implementation of a global off-the-shelf property management system.

We did and do contribute our share to help a real estate developer with his growing pains. The addition of new business models as well as new assets made the company grow from 10 H/C to 40 H/C within two years (and going ...). We did develop an IT and digitalization strategy and supported selection and implementation of consequential systems. The scope did include standard tools for asset management, property management, RE development (tactical and operational), back office operations and document management / data rooms.

System selections for Real Estate DMS Systems and ERP / Portfoliomanagement Systems for various Real Estate Asset holders.



Expert-Input to market analysis ad growth strategies in the

German Real Estate IT and Software market as well as 


End-to-end: From project management to technical support (where necessary): Re-arrangement and execution of Data collection strategy for a RE house (>200 Assets in Europe).